Who Says Kickball Isn’t A Sport?

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It’s kickball season, and I love it.  I tried to hate it, but I lost.  Don’t worry my softball heart- there’s still room for you.

I remember kickball as a fun game we would play between classes on the blacktop in elementary school- not as the rite of passage for a young Catholic school girl it is today.  You’re not allowed to blast someone in the back for an out anymore as we did in public school during recess ( thank you Jesus), but the game is just as intense nonetheless.  These girls absolutely love it.  Tell them to their faces it’s not a sport.

I’ll vouch for them.  Kickball IS a sport.  A team sport.  Don’t let the fancy kicking sock fool you.

There’s a position called suicide, are you tough enough to play it?  Put yourself 10ft away from your best friend and slowly roll her the ball.  Resist the urge to move when she kicks it right at you as hard as she can.


Okay, so not every position requires you to lose a finger.  Maybe it’s just my daughter who struggles to keep her knuckles from swelling and braces away from the ball, but these girls hustle and they have heart.  Most importantly, they have team spirit.  That my friends makes it a sport.  My daughters have instinctively taken up the game of games and have tried most sports, but I have witnessed many girls since the beginning of our kickball career at school who do not put winning a game up there against winning a lifetime of slime.  Kickball is their introduction to the field and it welcomes all.

Kickball is a tradition and it’s making a comeback.

Kickball allowed girls to begin competing many years ago when playing sports was not a ladylike thing to do.

Who says kickball isn’t a sport?  The ones who don’t play it.



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