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Volleyball season is here which means my coaching career can be updated from year one “what the heck am I doing?” to year 2 “am I even doing this right?” I am excited, emotionally exhausted, and quite frankly surprised each and every time 16 eyes look at me for direction. Wonder if they really know that I lay awake making lineups, changing lineups, texting my assistant coach, changing the lineup again, and worrying about substituting someone who will no doubt look at me like a wounded puppy when it’s her turn to sit next to me on the bench! I went from having two daughters to ten. They can pretty much tell you what they are thinking without saying a word. We volunteer coaches must be steadfast.

Every time those little people step onto the court and await the first serve of a match, the hair on my arms stands on end and my heart races for them. It’s FIFTH grade. We are not playing a NCAA championship game here however, I have taken it upon myself to shoulder all of the worry in the world of volleyball for this short little season because I could be lighting a little fire in their hearts or ruining it forever.

Eddie coaches basketball. As a matter of fact, the task of coaching basketball has always been up to the dads at our school for our grade. HAVE AT IT!! Coaching basketball to tweenagers is not for the faint of heart.  I happily position myself on the bleachers and coach/yell from there.

What I have learned from my husband about watching him coach is this: He should be a teacher.  God love his superpower of patience and leave it all on the court demeanor.  Those skills are innate or must be learned the hard way.

Me over here the hard way.

What I know is that I love volleyball.

What I have learned is this:

There is a fine line between being competitive and being fair.

My assistant coach is the other half of my brain.

If they are not having fun, then neither am I.

Running is an appropriate consequence after 4 balls drop right in front of you. Remember, steadfast.

We are Panthers  You’ll probably see us on TV during the Olympic news . If not, I’ll update you on our success if they run out of time or something.








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